PowerPoint Custom Animation – how to apply it in your presentations

PowerPoint custom animation – how do I apply it to an object in my presentation? Watch the video to learn more

PowerPoint Custom Animation: PowerPoint iconIn PowerPoint it is possible to fairly quickly make a presentation using just text and bullet points but it’s not very interesting either to create or watch! There are many features which can make such a presentation much more interesting.

Ideas we have used in our courses and in real life include:

    • Adding music
    • Adding action button to navigate to a web site or other image, map etc
    • Inserting a YouTube funny video clip
    • Inserting a chart to explain some data

However, in this blog we are going to show a video using Custom Animation. Custom animation is what happens on a slide between objects. A slide which is not animated at all has all its images, text, bullets already showing on the slide when it’s presented. A slide which is animated allows the presenter to control how those objects appear on the screen.

So, in the example in the video we have 10 objects of interest:

    • 5 ovals
    • 5 text boxes

The ovals shown when a click is made and even then, it is a certain type of animation – spin. The text box appears straight after the spinning oval without the need for a click (it’s called Start After Previous). This could have a time delay but for this example it does not. You will see the finished slide when you see the video and how it was built.

It’s fun and the all important pane is called Animation Pane which shows the running order of each animated object.

This topic and others are covered in our 2 PowerPoint courses which you can see in the agendas here: Basic and Intermediate.


Custom Animation Video

The video below shows you how to add custom animation to objects in your presentation. Take a look below to find out more and then try it out on your own computer!

We hope you have enjoyed this hint and tip on PowerPoint custom animation, why not take a look at our previous one on creating links in Excel?