Bespoke PowerPoint 2016 – PowerPoint still lives on and is improving!

PowerPoint still lives on and is improving!

Many of you have either witnessed a PowerPoint presentation or even had an attempt to create one yourself. Well I’mbespoke powerpoint 2016 - PowerPoint 2016 image pleased to say that despite rumours of its demise PowerPoint still lives on and has improved in functionality!

Here at JPL we have created 2 standard courses and also a bespoke PowerPoint 2016 course which covers parts of each standard individual course – the course can also be adapted to other versions of Microsoft Office.

PowerPoint is a very powerful Microsoft Office package but can sometimes be overlooked in its usefulness. It is a very powerful tool for presentations within businesses as there are a number of templates and styles that can be used and personalised to help your presentation stand out and make a statement. As well as this there are always lots of new features being added with updates.



In this hint and tip, we are sharing with you a new feature in PowerPoint 365/2016 called ‘Dictate’ which types as you speak!

We’ve created a simple video to show you how it works. To view it click here.


Screen Recording

Bespoke PowerPoint 2016 - Screen RecordingAnother useful feature we use a lot particularly for our Excel self teach training modules is the ‘screen recording’ feature. It’s found within the Insert Tab and allows you to create a media file recording of some activity you perform on another window on your PC – in our case demonstrating Excel features.

For an example of one of our self teach features check out this video on YouTube here.


PowerPoint Course Agendas

Our 2 standard course agendas can be found here:


If you are interested in any of our PowerPoint courses or a bespoke PowerPoint 2016 (or other version) course or if you would like some more general information about courses then please contact us on or call us on 07903 840105.

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