Microsoft Office Specialist – using 3D Maps in Excel

Microsoft Office Specialist – looking at 3D Maps in Excel, have you used them?

Microsoft office specialist 3D maps in Excel: Excel iconHere at JPL we continually strive to improve the variety of Microsoft Office courses in the Midlands and further afield.

We thought you may like to see a short video of the towns we’ve trained clients in during the last 12 months. It’s only 10 seconds and was created using a new feature in Excel called 3D maps. You may spot your town but if not let us know!

Although we train in a variety of modules in Microsoft office like Word, PowerPoint and Access we’ve found the major demand for our training courses is in Excel. Of which we have now developed 5 levels of courses.

We often publish hints and tips at least once a month and here’s our tip of the day – a really simple one to do with worksheets but then as the saying goes “the simpler the better”.


Tip of the Day in Excel

Four things you may not know about Excel worksheets:

  1. To colour a worksheet simply right click and choose a Tab colour
  2. To move a worksheet to a different position simply drag and drop the sheet to the left or right
  3. To rename a worksheet its quicker to double click on it and then type over the worksheet name
  4. When using a worksheet in a formula where a sheet has an embedded space in it use an apostrophe e.g. =sum(‘jan 18:mar 18’!b2)


Why not take a look at our previous post on new features in PowerPoint?

We’ve developed ourselves into a Microsoft Office specialist and pride ourselves on the commitment to interest trainees on courses to enjoy their experience of being trained by us.

We are grateful for your support over the years and please keep an eye on our hints and tips page. These cover all kinds of Microsoft Office modules and you can find them here.

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