Microsoft Excel Training Gloucestershire Courses

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely-used computer software programs around today.

As a result of this popularity, how Excel works is often knowledge that a lot of employers look for. Therefore ensuring you have a deep understanding of how the program works is a great bonus. Having the ability to use Excel effectively can increase your employment prospects alongside developing skills to help improve your productivity in daily work.

Attending on one of our Excel training courses will give you access to expertise from top quality trainers who will help guide you in growing your knowledge of Excel further.


Some of the benefits of coming on one our Excel training courses:

Duplicate Values in Excel: Excel icon
  • Build on your efficiency in your current job
  • Multiple levels of courses to choose from: beginner, intermediate, advanced and master class
  • Gaining new skills to help secure future employment
  • Hands-on practical support to help you in your learning and understanding


Basic Microsoft Excel Training

The basic Excel training course begins with what we call the building blocks for learning the basics of the package. This course goes over how to set up your ‘spreadsheets’ as well as how to create function and symbol and based formulas. As well as this it also covers some other basic formulas including the popular SUM formula.


Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training

The intermediate Excel training course continues from the content covered on the basic level course. During the course your current knowledge is developed further through guidance and teaching in some more advanced features of the program. Throughout this course you will learn about creating charts, sorting and filtering, IF statements, multi sheet linking and more.


Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Going on the advanced Excel training course will equip you with knowledge of more complex features in Excel. Throughout the advanced course you will look at data validation, VLOOKUPs, pivot tables, macros and more in depth functions.


Master Class Bronze and Silver Excel Training

Finally, there are two master class Excel courses available. The master class Excel bronze course takes you through more advanced pivot tables and macros. As well as this it also covers some What If Analysis functions like Data Tables and Scenarios and the INDIRECT, INDEX and MATCH functions.

Then the master class Excel silver course continues on from knowledge gained in the bronze course. Throughout this course, you will cover advanced data validation, multi sheet pivot tables, array work and some other lesser known but useful functions. As well as all of this, there is also a half day introduction to VBA programming included.

Our Excel training in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, the West Midlands and throughout the UK has a course for everyone, and you’re sure to come away feeling confident in your Excel abilities.