Microsoft Excel Training Worcestershire

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely-used computer software programs around today.

As a result of this popularity, knowledge of how Excel works is something many employers look for. Therefore having a good understanding of how the program works is definitely a bonus. Learning how to effectively use Excel can improve your employment prospects as well as enabling you to improve your productivity through learning shortcuts and formulae to use daily.

If you come on one of our Excel training courses with us, you will benefit from the expertise of top quality trainers who will help guide you in developing your Excel knowledge.


Some of the benefits of coming on one our Excel training courses:

Duplicate Values in Excel: Excel icon
  • Improving your efficiency in your current job
  • Develop new skills that can help secure future employment
  • A choice of a variety of levels of courses, these being: beginner, intermediate, advanced and master class
  • Hands-on practical support to help your understanding


Basic Microsoft Excel Training

The basic Excel training course begins with the building blocks for learning the basics within the package. This course covers how to create function and symbol based formulas as well as how to set up your ‘spreadsheets’. It covers the popular SUM formula alongside some other basic formulas too.


Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training

The intermediate Excel training course builds on the basic level course. During this course you will be guided through some more advanced features of the program, developing your existing knowledge further. This course covers creating charts, IF statements, sorting and filtering, multi sheet linking and more.


Advanced Microsoft Excel Training

Going for the advanced Excel training course will allow you to develop your knowledge even more and enable you to have a good understanding of some complex features of the program. In this advanced course you will look at macros, pivot tables, VLOOKUPs, data validation and more in depth functions.


Master Class Bronze and Silver Excel Training

Finally, there are two master class Excel courses available. The master class Excel bronze course steers you through more advanced pivot tables and macros. It also covers some What If Analysis functions like Data Tables and Scenarios, and the INDEX, MATCH, and INDIRECT functions.

Then the master class Excel silver course follows on from the bronze course. This course covers a half day introduction to VBA programming alongside advanced data validation, array work, multi sheet pivot tables and some other lesser known but useful functions.

Our Excel training in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, the West Midlands and throughout the UK has a course for everyone, and you’re sure to come away feeling confident in your Excel abilities.

Comments and Testimonials

Harvey and Brockless – working alongside JPL for training needs

We have worked with John for a number of years now in group environments from basic to masterclass levels, and in 121 sessions tailored around our specific requirements. We’ve seen in this time, our staff grow in confidence and ability through John’s tuition, which has in turn benefitted our company and our staffs’ own development.

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Microsoft Office Access – supporting your business development

John worked closely with the office team at Red Hill Christian Centre… as our needs have grown and changed he has trained us to adapt this at each stage.

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Ashorne Hill – Training staff in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Excellent training delivery, courses being small in numbers worked very well for our staff, giving them time for any additional questions/content.
Smooth process from start to finish and excellent that trainers could provide individual laptops for staff that didn’t have their own.
Very informative training – we like the fact we can keep notes to refer back to while at work

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Woodgreen – Helping pets and their people – Bespoke Access training course

We were looking for a tailored Access database training course and John was able to accommodate our requirements with ease and offer flexibility which was just what we wanted.
The pace of the training was spot on. It was informative and interactive and we felt comfortable in asking questions.
John was very patient and we all learnt a lot. The day just flew by which just shows how much we enjoyed the day and the content and support given. Thank you John!

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Chamber of Commerce – Excel Training for Forest Garden Group

John delivered the session in a relaxed manner. He ensured that all abilities were catered for and that people were learning at their own pace.
For the employees that needed a little more time, they did not feel pressured to move on and for the employees that were a little more advanced, John demonstrated some great tips and tricks!!
The day sessions were interesting, enjoyable and well planned. We can totally recommend this course and have booked for future intermediate training and an advanced bespoke course.

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